Link Up 2.0


Twitch inc X Teenshub
Date:26th December
Venue:Masquerade house Eastlegon very close to A&C mall.

This year it's going to be massive, do you know why?

*TeensHub is launching their event right at linkup(jammer republic).
Which means there is going to be more jammer vibes.
From local jammer,to hip hop jammer,to dance hall jammer🔥🔥,etc.

*There's going to be a car wash section and when I say cars I am talking of carss!.You already know we have the hottest models for this section 🤷🏿‍♂

*The girls
*The boys
*The pool
*The fire works
*The Christmas vibe!!
*The rooms
*Good security

I tell you everyone some would be there😂🔥🔥

Save the date!!
Linkup 2.0

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