Guy Pampam is set to release new Xmas controversial track


SHOWBIZ: Guy paapam, the incoming best Afro pop Artiste of the Year[Anticipate]in western Nzemaland to be precise is about to fire the airwaves again with a new latest Xmas controversial hit track titled "Y3ko Yanim". Prod by Prince Wornie Beatz.Not to boast of his past enviable and credible tracks records like, Overcome my enemies,Cry your own cry, mamuna,e.t.c.
Guy paapam is now preparing the grounds with a good flow tune ,seriously like roaring lion and eye red anaconda in the forest.On a radio call received from Egya Armoh Blay[Presenter at Unique FM 95.7].last Wednesday night,asking Guy paapam whether or not to release a new song this Xmas.Guy paapam made it clear  to him that sooner or later ,fans of Western Nzemaland and Ghana at large should wacth out something extraordinary package this Xmas very soon.
Good music can satisfy the heart of every normal rational civilize modern being especially when one is in a sorrowful mood .This Xmas controversial track will raise the image of Nzema to a high esteem and  definitely the good people of Ghana will adhere and embrace the track since they say, the fats of a meat will prove itself by the heat of the fire.
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Guy paapam - the incoming best Afro pop Artiste in western Nzemaland so to say.

# Guy paapam - Incoming best Afro Pop Artiste of Western Nzemaland
#Still United Nzema For Sure
Get ready for the new Xmas controversial track very very soon
Guy paapam all de way.I swear

Guy paapam - Am proud to be a real nzemanian guy.

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