Download Mp3:Kofi Daeshaun – Pop (Screwed)



Kofi Daeshaun Pop (Screwed) Mp3 Download – They say i turned Pop / Let the homie Go / Your boy Kofi Pop / Gotta let him go / Let him loose / Let him cruise / Kofi never ever lost a bet!!. Basically this is Kofi Daeshaun’s response to his mainstream leanings and departure from the hardcore rap scene. Daeshaun has morphed into a very successful popular (Pop) music star and his detractors are trying to use that against him. Success can be a hex in the journey of life. You have every right to turn in any direction so long as you find it fit to do so. Folks want Kofi Daeshaun to stick to one genre and he will not oblige.

Enjoy the screwed version of the song. The original version will be on his next album titled “Strip Clubs in the Wild West. Get ready for a rocky hip hop ride.

Kofi Daeshaun – Pop (Screwed) [DOWNLOAD]

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